What I Did on My Summer Vacation:

Part II

Mario Schjetnan
Mario Schjetnan's "A Small Tribute to Immigrant Workers," installation at Sculpturesite gallery, Sonoma, CA
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My summer vacation ends this week as I head back to school for fall semester classes (Greco-Roman Art and Modern Architecture) at California State University, Sacramento.  I will continue, however, blogging about art, architecture, design and everything …


Artist Daniel Douke Talks

Boxes, Pop Art and More

Daniel Douke iMac, 1999
Daniel Douke, iMac, 1999. Acrylic on canvas, 22 x 22 x 11 1/4 in. Collection of Rick and Dana Dirickson. Photo: Crocker Art Museum.
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Andy Warhol’s paintings of soup cans and Brillo boxes elevated mundane objects to high art in the 1960s.  Artist Daniel Douke continues that pop art tradition with his iconic paintings of iMac computer boxes.  Only Douke takes the object a …